The Dad's dilemma

The Dad's dilemma

What's the one thing any dad around the world can't seem to figure it out ?
How to spend time with their kid, one of the many problems in a parent's life is to keep their kid engaged and not lose their mind while doing so. Juniorbillionaire is a toy store and a parents guide to kid's toys and now we have also come to your rescue.

Outdoor activities -

1. Sand castles - the classic sand castles can keep you and the kids engaged and you get to make memories that you all will forever cherish. Grab your beach toys and build your empire this summer.

2. Catch -  one of the most popular, easy and fun activity that not only encourages sports in kids but also in the parents.

Indoor activities -
1. Race cars - the adrenaline rush when you see your car win against all the other is just fantastic. Have indoor tournaments and F1 races at the comfort of your home with your kid's

2. Board games - Ludo, chess, UNO, Jenga and so many other options, our latest board games collection has one of the most interesting and entertaining games. Get yours now!

Educational activities -

As a parent you want nothing more than your kid to live up to their full potential and our collection of educational games challenges then in the most interesting way possible.
Check out  IQ buster, puzzles, wooden puzzle collections and so much more only at Juniorbillionaire

So get your Junior and go play!
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