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Early Education Montessori Rainbow Number Stacking Learning Box Set

Early Education Montessori Rainbow Number Stacking Learning Box Set

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Early Education Montessori Rainbow Number Stacking Learning Box Set
Rs. 1,199.00
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It's designed to promote various developmental skills in babies and young children. The features you've listed focus on enhancing fine motor skills, color recognition, spatial intelligence, numerical concepts, shape recognition, analytical abilities, and logical thinking. The goal is to be providing a holistic learning experience for young children.


11 x 11 x 11 cm (Box)


  1. Fine Motor Skills Development: This feature involves training the baby's ability to perform precise movements like taking, pinching, grasping, and releasing. These movements are important for developing dexterity and coordination.
  2. Color Recognition: By encouraging babies to group items of the same color together, this feature helps them learn to distinguish between different colors. This is a crucial step in early color perception and identification.
  3. Spatial Intelligence and Piling: The activity aids in improving the baby's understanding of spatial relationships and encourages them to pile objects, which promotes spatial awareness and coordination.
  4. Numerical Concepts and Sorting: This feature helps babies grasp basic concepts of size, volume, and numbers. By learning to sort objects based on these attributes, they start developing an initial understanding of mathematical concepts.
  5. Shape Recognition: Learning to recognize and differentiate various shapes is important for cognitive development. Recognizing shapes' contours and physical properties can contribute to a child's cognitive growth.
  6. Analytical and Logical Thinking: Engaging in activities that involve sorting, grouping, and recognizing patterns supports the development of analytical and logical thinking skills.

      It's important to consider the age-appropriateness of the toy or activity to ensure that it aligns with the child's developmental stage. The disclaimer about measurement deviation suggests that the toy might involve physical objects that vary slightly in size.

      If you're looking to create or select a toy with these features in mind, make sure to design it in a way that's safe and enjoyable for young children, taking into account their developmental needs and capabilities.

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