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Magical Waterscape for Kids

Magical Waterscape for Kids

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Magical Waterscape for Kids
Rs. 549.00
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The super magical magic gel uses for children to DIY their special creatures in water. The materials are non toxic and non irritating material. In the process of making your own gel, you can cultivate children’s practical skills and scientific common sense.

Contents: Big Outer Box x 1, 4 bottles of random colours glue, 4 random shaped moulds, Calcium lactate x 1 pack, Fishing net x 1, Plastic knife x 1, Brush x 1, Manual x 1


20.5×15.5 ×10.5 cm

Water sprite production steps

1. Prepare 500-1000ml of water

2. Matching half pack or one pack of Elf Companion

3. Pour half a pack or a pack of Elf Companion into clean water and stir evenly until it becomes transparent

4. The mold is put into the solution, and the burrs in the mold are scrubbed with a brush.

5. Squeeze the water sprite into the mold until full.

6. L Soak in the solution for 5 minutes, shake until the mold is released, remove it and put it in clean water.

Kind tips

  • The PVC mold should be soaked in the culture solution (Elf Companion Solution) for a while before use, and brush it evenly with a brush to make it easier to demould!
  • The water baby just made is soft and flat, don’t take it out urgently, let it sit for 5-6 minutes, take it out and put it in clean water for a few hours, it will become plump!
  • For the problem that the water baby is not formed, first check whether the sodium alginate solution is viscous and silky, and then check whether the ratio of the elf companion and water is correct (you can add more elf companion, but not less).
  • The water baby will not grow bigger and bigger, but will shrink slightly as time goes by.
  • After the mold is soaked, the residual culture solution needs to be wiped clean. If there is any residue, the water baby will wrinkle. The reason for the cracking is that too much pigment is added.

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